Seneschal of the College of Lyonsmarche.
  Artisan of Wastekeep, Sworn in Fealty to Baroness 
     Stjarna Hrafnhar
  Member of the An Tir Lampworkers Guild
  Member of the RPP

Awards and Honors 
  Honorary Citizen of Akornebir at As You Like It Nov 15 
     AS 38 / 2003 
  Award of Arms by King Sven and Queen Signy at May Crown 
     Tournament XLII/2007 May 19 AS 42 / 2007 
  Jambe de Lion by King Tiernan and Queen Miranda at 
     Baron`s Ball Oct 6 AS 42 / 2007 
  A&S Champion of Lyonsmarche at Honor War A.S. XLII/2008 
     Apr 26 AS 42 / 2008 through Apr 25 AS 43 / 2009 
  Blasted Tree (Wastekeep) by Baron Arthur Greene and 
     Baroness Rowena Kyncaidd at Wastekeep Springfest 
     XLIII/2008 June 7 AS 43 / 2008 
  Artisan of Wastekeep by Baroness Stjarna Hrafnhar Sept 6 
     AS 43 / 2008