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Wastekeep Sergentry Study Guides at An-Tir OneDrive

Wastekeep Word (Newsletter)

Wastekeep Minor Carte (Current, Approved 12/12/13)

Wastekeep Financial Policy (2017)

Online Wastekeep Directory - Online Populace Only

Song Book of popular SCA songs

Index of Books in the Wastekeep Library

Wastekeep Library Index

Index of all the Compleat Anachronist's in the Library

Tournaments Illuminated Index

Tournaments Illuminated Index to Articles by Topic

PDFs of Books in the Wastekeep Library

Diverse Bokes of Medieval History, Art and Literature

The Manesse Codex (This is a collection of 142 images in a 13.3 mb .zip file)

PDFs of Reference Books

Viking Heritage Magazines

Reference Books on Vikings

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Do You Know Your Kingdoms Word Game

Do You Know Your Kingdoms Word Game - Solution

Wastekeep Event Proposal Form

Official SCA One-Page Flyer

Official SCA Tri-fold Flyer

Wastekeep Minor Carte

Wastekeep Sergeants Requirements/Study Packets

Wastekeep's Autocrats Friend

AnTir Book of Combat (ABC) (Dated 2015)

AnTir Book of Combat - Rapier (Dated Jan, 2007)

AnTir Book of Combat - Rapier (Dated Jul 9, 2009)

AnTir Book of Youth Combat (Dated July, 2008)

Ithra A&S Interest Survey(3/13/07)

Model Release Form

Photographers Release Form

SCA Creative Work Form

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