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Important Links:

Antir Lists Web site
Kingdom of Antir Home Page
Wastekeep OP and Roster on Antir Site
SCA Kingdom Links:

An Tir
East Kingdom
Middle Kingdom
Medieval/Renassance Food

Medieval/Renaissance Food
SCA Camping

Blockade Runners - Civil War Sutler
Raymonds Quiet Press - LOTS of Stuff
Misc. Medieval Research Items

Aradors Armour Library
Brettuns Village Leather
Historic Enterprise - Awesome
Medieval Resources - The Hunt
Moscow Hide and Fur
Ragweed Forge
Regia Anglorum
The Armour Archive
VanDykes - Furniture Parts
Viking Resources
Local Interests

A Commedia dell`Arte website from Judith Chaffee
A Thumbnail history of Commedia dell`Arte
An Tir Autocrat`s website
An Tir Roll of Arms
Commedia Character Descriptions
Commedia Stock Characters
Constructing an Arming Coat
How to make a Gambeson
Lynn the Weavers Lucets
Medieval Shoes
On-Line Medieval Library
Puddle Ducks Herb Farm, LLC
SCA Dance Cheat Sheets
SCA Demo site
Medieval/SCA Humor

The Quarter - A Humorus Publication from Trimaris
Arms and Armor

Anshelm Arms
Armour and Castings
Armour Archive Armoury Links
Armours and Armor Patterns
Hammerhand Armoury.
Historic Enterprises
Illusion Armoring -- Beautiful work!
Museum Replicas Limited
StoneKeep Armoury
The Ring Lord - Chainmail supplies
Therion Arms
SCA Heavy Fighting

Arts of Combat
Historical Armed Combat Society
Windrose Armoury
SCA Rapier

An Tir Catalogue of Fencers
Chivalry Sports Armor and Weapons
Darkwood Armory - Excellent Weapons
Period swords
Triplette Competition Arms
Zen Warrior Armory
SCA Archery

Primitave Archery
Medieval/Renassance Clothing

By My Hand Design - Jewerly
Lao's Hats - HIGHLY Recommended
London Accessories - Belts and Mounts
The Crafty Celts - Jewerly

Heraldic Clipart
Heraldry on the Internet
See your name in Norse Runes

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