Wastekeep Chatelaines Home Page

Chatelaine Master Andrew Williams 
(Bill Stevenson)

Greetings and welcome to the Barony of Wastekeep
located in the proud Kingdom of An Tir!

Chatelaines are the official ´┐Żwelcoming committee´┐Ż of our barony.
Our responsibility is to ensure that you and your
family feel welcomed, all questions are answered in a professional and
timely manner, and to assist you in discovering more about our society.

We have included a few of our favorite links below and would enjoy
the opportunity to talk with you about what our hobby has to offer you!

Advice for newcomers

Getting ready for your first event

Introductory Guide to the SCA

"Forward into the past"/SCA 101

Combat Fighting

Arts & Sciences

Youth and Family

SCA Newcomers Portal

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing a Name

Basic Garb (costume) for Events