Welcome to the Barony of Wastekeep

Baron of Wastekeep
Baron Þorkell Palsson 
(Trent Le Clair)
Baroness of Wastekeep
Baroness Guðrun Sæbjarnarsdottir 
(Darby Le Clair)

As a courtesy, please make all contact calls before 9 pm unless otherwise noted.

Baronial Officers
Deputy Seneschal
   Master Ulrik Grimwolf de Montazure 
Family Activities Coordinator
    Position Open - see the Seneschal if you are interested? 
Dean of Pages
    Position Open - see the Seneschal if you are interested? 
   Master Rowland Greene 
   Honorable Lord Fergus William Mac Biggs 
Honorable Lord Fergus William Mac Biggs 
Basilisk Herald
    Lady Ciosa Leona Fioravanti 
Deputy Herald
   Baron Þorkell Palsson 
Master of Stables (Branch Marshal)
   Milord Drosten Thomas 
Armoured Combat Marshal (Deputy Marshal)
   Milord Drosten Thomas 
Rapier Marshal
    Honorable Lord Brother William 
Captain of Wastekeep Company of Archers    
Master Ulrik Grimwolf de Montazure 
List Mistress
   Lady Litla Sunneva in Harsvarta 
Youth Combat Marshal
   Lord Ramon de Leon 
General Captain (Warlord)
   Baron Master Sir Dyon De Mantel 
   Honorable Lady Mairghread of Wastekeep 
Keeper of the Grete Book    Baroness Mistress Catriona of Rathcroghan 
Phillip of Akornebir

Minister of Arts & Sciences
   Duke Styrkarr Jarlsskald 
   Master Andrew Williams 
Gold Key
    Lady Ciosa Leona Fioravanti 
Chief Scribe
   Milady Elizabeth of Akornebir 
   Honorable Lord Andrzejek Piotrowski 
Captain of Sergeantry
   Honorable Lord Fergus William Mac Biggs 

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