Welcome to the Barony of Wastekeep

What is the Barony of Wastekeep?

   The Barony of Wastekeep*, is a branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (SCA).  Wastekeep was established in 1979 by a group of "living history" enthusiasts.  The Barony resides within the Kingdom of An Tir.**


What is the SCA?

    The SCA is a non-profit educational organization, devoted to the study of the Western European medieval and renaissance historical periods (650 AD to 1650 AD).  The SCA is not a spectator organization.  Events and activities are not performances for an audience, instead events are to enable members to explore one or more aspects of life in the Middle Ages.  The SCA attempts to recreate the better aspects of the Middle Ages, the nobility, chivalry, and community spirit.

Participation is the key to having fun in the SCA.


What does it take to participate?

   The main requirement for participation in an SCA event is to wear a reasonable attempt at pre-1650 clothing called garb.  This helps everyone get into the spirit of things and feel a part of what is happening.  Loaner garb is usually available for a nominal cleaning charge from the Gold Key of the local SCA branch.


What’s with the Funny Names?

   Part of what SCA members do is to create a personal character from a specific historical time and place (called a persona; this cannot be an actual historical figure or one adapted from myth or literature). It should reflect your own personality and imagination and can come from any culture in the world. Researching the culture of that time and place will allow you to develop that persona in an authentic manner. Authenticity is encouraged in as many areas as ability and finances allow.  Clothing, weapons, utensils, food, and pavilions help to create a period atmosphere.


Can I be Prince Valiant?

   SCA titles are granted only by the Crown and must be earned.  You may not style or represent yourself as a Knight, Baron, Duke, Lord, Lady or any other title without earning it. Kings and Queens selected twice a year by armed combat called Crown Tournaments.


What do can I do in the SCA?

   A common SCA activity is recreating medieval combat.  Events, such as wars, melees, tourneys, and other competitions are used to test skill at arms.  SCA fighting is as close to medieval combat as possible within the realm of reasonable safety.  Participants in SCA combat fight on foot, following a system of rules, which permit realism while maintaining a very high safety standard.  Heavy combat is fought in full medieval armor, with rattan weapons, which have the same weight and balance of steel but which are much less dangerous.  Rapier combat is also a popular activity.  Rapier combat emulates a fighting style of the Renaissance (The 3 Musketeers).  Rapier fighters commonly use steel blades called Schlagers or blades made of fiberglass.  They addition-ally may use cloaks, daggers, or other parrying devices. . Some events allow the use of Combat archery to recreate the arrow’s impact on medieval warfare.

All fighters must attempt to keep their equipment as authentic as ability and finances allow and must conform to SCA safety standards.  Minors from 16-18 wishing to participate in any combat related activity must have their parent's permission and a SCA waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.


What else can I do, besides fighting?

   Activities in the SCA cover a broad range to medieval activities.  These include Archery, equestrian, calligraphy, dancing, music, cooking, games and many other forms of Arts and Sciences.  SCA events may include, feasts, balls, bardic circles (for singing and storytelling) and skills competitions, with many events combining more than one activity plus a variety of technical and social skills which help establish the ambience of life in a Medieval court.

The local branches provide educational demonstrations for the public and schools as well as classes held during a weekend (University of lthra) where knowledgeable people share with others.


How do I join the SCA?

The SCA is an international organization, membership is not required, but is strong-ly encouraged.  Membership is required to participate in any combat activity or to hold office.  Yearly memberships are $35 , with a $60 maximum for an entire family.

With a membership you can receive a subscription to the SCAs quarterly magazine, Tournaments Illuminated, and the kingdom newsletter.


In addition the Barony of Wastekeep publishes a monthly Baronial newsletter, “The Word” which provides information on local SCA events, meetings, classes, workshops, and social gatherings.



For a subscription to the Baronial newsletter “The Word”: send check or money order for $12.00 payable to "The Wastekeep Word” to:


The Word, Barony of Wastekeep

1436 Rimrock  Ave.

Richland, WA 99352