Baroness Guðrun Sæbjarnarsdottir            Jambe de Lion

Guðrun Sæbjarnarsdottir's SCA Awards - Offical Kingdom OP entry
Guðrun Sæbjarnarsdottir's SCA Resume
Guðrun Sæbjarnarsdottir's History
I, Gudrun Saebjornsdottir, was born in the winter of 875 and
am the eldest of two daughters. I grew up on a farm, which
I, will eventually, inherit from my father, Saebjorn
Gormsson, near the river Nidelva. Harald Fairhair is our king. 
I come from a long line of wool and linen traders. We have
several farms that have been in our family for generations.
 My father has traveled far and wide to trade. I had the
chance to travel occasionally but spent most of my time
working one of the family farms. Before my marriage, I had
been to Bergen, Olso, and Birka. I was able to go on a few
of the larger trades to help with organizing some of the
transport. I was blessed with a father who allowed me to
travel and experience some of the world around us.
 In 905, I was joined to Thorkell Pollson.  We had witness
to the handsal during the Thing of that year and were
married a few months later. The bride-price was paid in
three parts as is custom. The mundr, morgengifu were quite
generous (I believe it might have been my cooking skills as
well as my family’s status) and my family reciprocated well
with the heiman fylgia.  I was glad my father asked my
opinion and I have been lucky in the choice. Since then, we
have had two daughters of our own, Kora and Lili. I am
fortunate to have been matched with a good husband and he
does well by our family. I have seen no reason nor wish for
Thorkell does do some trading but goes raiding on occasion.
I am fine with this but while he was on raid a last year our
home was attacked by a rival family hoping to take the farm
while Thorkell was away. I took up sword, axe and shield to
defend our family and farm. I found I quite enjoyed it and
look forward to becoming more proficient with weapons and
to, perhaps, join my husband in future voyages when the
children are old enough to be left in charge of the farms.