Iain MacMillan's SCA Resume
Iain MacMillan's History

Hailing originally from a tiny village in southern Scotland,
Iain MacMillan is the son of a prosperous merchant. Born in
1560, MacMillan worked for his father during his formative
years, then attended university in the hinterlands of the
Barony of Wastekeep.

During his studies, MacMillan fell in love with the wealthy English lady Rebekkah Thorne. They were married immediately following the completion of MacMillan`s studies in 1582.

What small funds MacMillan had made during his youth, coupled with Thorne`s considerable personal fortune, helped establish the young couple on a sizable estate in the Canton of Akornebir, which Iain had given some small help to in establishing. Iain`s university education has stood them in good stead and he now serves as a librarian at a university near the distant ruins of Azure Keep.

The brash and occassionally flamboyant Scotsman has always enjoyed martial endeavors, priding himself on his activities in both gentlemanly combat and war. He is, in truth, little better than an avid amateur, however, as his poor showings in tournament attest. There is also a growing armory on his estate as he researches and constructs armor. Recently accepting responsibility for overseeing the training of interested Canton citizens, MacMillan continues to dabble in the combat arts in the vain hope of improving his pathetic skills.

Iain is far more skilled in the world of dance, an interest he happily shares with his wife. He has occasionally taught dance at local gatherings, and is interested in learning more of the delicate art. It has been said that he also possesses an adequate talent for song and instruments, another interest of his he occasionally burdens the populace with enduring.

The MacMillan-Thorne estate is currently in a time of transition as the Lord and Lady celebrate and adjust to the birth of their first child. Still active in the Canton, MacMillan and Thorne have nonetheless been absent as they come to terms with their new roles as parents in addition to all other responsibilities.