Honorable Lord Lothar filius Adalberti            Jambe de Lion

Lothar filius Adalberti's SCA Awards - Offical Kingdom OP entry
Lothar filius Adalberti's SCA Resume
Lothar filius Adalberti's History
Lothar filius Adalberti was born in 755 just north of the 
city Marseilles.  His father Adalbert and mother Rotrude 
were both nobles and owned a large piece of land.  
Servants who worked on the land were not paid but rather 
allowed to live on the land in return for their 
service.  The family would travel to Marseilles once a 
week to sell crops.  When Lothar was born he and his 
family served under the rule of Pepin the short until 
Pepin`s death in 768 then the Provencia (Provence) area 
was included in the division given to Pepin’s oldest son 
Carloman.  The rule of Provence changed hands yet again 
when Carloman died in 771 at which time his brother 
Charles the Great took rule of Carloman’s half of the 
land.  All taxes used to be paid in solidi (solidus), a 
gold coin, with the semissis (half-solidi) and tremissis 
(one-third solidi). However, since there was a gold 
shortage in the area Pippin the short exchanged all gold 
coins for the usage of a new coin of silver called the 
denier and later the half-denier was introduced in the 
culture.  Lothar was raised mainly by his mother who in 
turn served Adalbert and was master of the household while 
Adalbert was away.

During his life at home Lothar learned to help with the 
crops, ride a horse, and most importantly how to pray and 
live morally under the rule of God.  He was taught to 
welcome the poor and to be generous to those less 
fortunate and to repent all of his sins in an attempt to 
escape the second death and ascend into heaven.  When 
Charles the Great took rule Lothar was 16 years of age and 
was ready to serve in the military two years later. The 
year 773 Lothar was trained and traveling with Charles the 
Great’s army from Geneva into Pavia.  The city of Pavia 
fell in 774 in which Lothar was stationed in Saxonia for a 
long series of battles.  Lothar’s positions at the time of 
war include a sword, short lance, Francesca axe, armor, a 
shield, a horse, bag with rations, change of clothes and a 
bed roll.  He survives off a pay of one denier a week, 
every Sunday he joins the rest of the army in prayer and 
worship (if they are not under siege).