Honorable Lady Luaithrenn the Falconer`s Wife            Goutte de Sang

Luaithrenn the Falconer`s Wife's SCA Awards - Offical Kingdom OP entry
Luaithrenn the Falconer`s Wife's SCA Resume
Luaithrenn the Falconer`s Wife's History
1168: Born in what we would now call Ireland, in the
northern reaches (modern County Tyrone) at the Cranlome near
Ballyreach, to a cousin to the Lords of Tyrone (who were to
be a thorn in the side of Queen Elizabeth I in later centuries).

1186: Father dies while fishing off the Giant`s Causeway
(some say he was poisoned, others that he was pushed off the
vessel) and Luaithrenn`s mother is left destitute. 
Luaithrenn, as the eldest daughter of the house, is married
off to a minor English lord living near Dublinderry who
promises to keep the family lands safe from viking raiders.

1188: Luaithrenn runs away with the viking raiders in order
to escape her abusive husband.  She convinces them to spare
her family and her father`s lands, and gives them the
secrets to her husband`s manor.  The vikings make one final
raid, taking the evil husband with them, and he is never
heard from again.  Luaithrenn divides his lands among the
vassals who held the land for her late husband and heads
home to the Cranlome to help her mother run the estate.

1190:  Luaithrenn`s mother Judith has become most pious, and
desires to go on pilmigrage to Jerusalem.  Luaithrenn finds
this odd, but agrees to leave the Cranlome under the care of
her mother`s family and accompanies her mother across the
sea to England.  Luaithrenn and Judith set off across
England, bound for London where Judith will find passage to
the Holy Lands.  The journey is long and hard, but finally
Judith is safely ensconced on a ship with a group of
pilgrims of similar mind, and Luaithrenn elects to remain in
London until her mother`s return.

1191:  Luaitrenn has been in London for a year when she
meets a young falconer who has traveled to England from the
southern lands of Andalusia....