Master Rowland Greene            Goutte de Sang

Rowland Greene's SCA Awards - Offical Kingdom OP entry
Rowland Greene's SCA Resume
Rowland Greene's History
The life of rowland greene.

I was born to a wood carver in 1373 in Deerhurst england. 

 My father was Arthur greene  who became a master wood 
carver at 15 years of age and did commsion work for the 
wealthy to support my aunt and cousin after the fever took 
my grandparents and uncle. Having never married my mother 
was a peasent woman from my fathers manor whom I never met 
having died in child birth.

 Having became of age and not having a trade I decided to 
travel and see what else the world had to offer a young 
man. I first went south to Italy to see what I could learn 
of the wine making trade where I fell in love with the 
vineyard owners dauther. After recieving his blessing we 
were wed in the summer of 1398 and then began to travel 
north to my home land where we stoped to learn about 
trades that were specfic to the areas that we traveled 
though. Making my way back to england over land with a 
wife I also had to learn the way of the sword to protect 
my family. I have one son who was brought in to 
the world in the fall of 1399. 

  After returning to my homelands I took the knowlage of 
my travels and the knowlage of my fathers craft and 
started making wood tools and toys to support my family. 
With my father getting on in age my family and I returned 
to the family manor to help my father run the grounds and 
farm where we have been since and to present.