Lord Thorgrimr `utlagr             Award of Arms

Thorgrimr `utlagr 's SCA Awards - Offical Kingdom OP entry
Thorgrimr `utlagr 's SCA Resume
Thorgrimr `utlagr 's History
  I was born in the spring of 842 near Mælar Lake just 
south east of an area which will eventually be called 
Sigtun Sweden.  My father was the Chieftain of our village 
and he imparted honorable actions above all to everyone in 
his household.  I had an older brother; therefore I was not 
to inherit our family lands or titles and it was going to 
be up to me to make my own place in the world of men.  
   While still young, I spent most of my days quietly 
watching my father and my uncle work in their areas of 
expertise. My father was often busy with matters of the 
village, longhouse, and dispatching his small fleet of 
ships on raids or trading.  His younger brother was a 
master shipwright who oversaw & built most of the local 
ships. Since I was very curious about how things were made 
and how they work he was the one I most closely bonded 
   As we grew up, my brother & I learned many skills after 
our daily combat training. It was often said that we looked 
as if we were two bears standing back to back while we 
practiced our fighting techniques.  
   Father insisted on reading and writing runes among other 
dull lessons but Uncle persuaded him to allow, 
leatherworking, brewing, and many kinds of metalwork in our 
studies. These experiences would prove invaluable later in 
life by helping me build/evaluate/repair items intended for 
the battlefield and as a merchant. 
  In late 864, my father received notice to send able men 
to fight in an army forming under the great warlord Ivar 
Ragnarsson. Late in age, my father dispatched my Uncle and 
me with two fully provisioned longships the following 
year.  But before we left, I received my prized armaments 
which I still carry to this day. From my father, his 
father’s sword Talon and from my brother a finely crafted 
boar-spear, called Greyflank.  
   It was not long before I was battle forged and quickly 
moved through the ranks gaining much honor and word fame. 
In 869 Ivar decided to return home from fighting in England 
and he relinquished control of the great army to his 
brothers.  A contingent of men and ships were selected to 
travel with him to Ireland, I was one of them.
   Not yet ready to settle down I sailed the trade routes, 
did some raiding when necessary and transported goods to 
many lands.  I learned about a discovery of land to the 
west and had many requests for passage.  With a full boat I 
reached Iceland for the first time in 877, returning many 
times. I decided to stay in 881.
   Five years later a messenger arrived announcing that I 
needed to return to Mælar Lake to assist my brother in a 
dispute.  Upon my arrival I found out that a blood feud 
over land borders had developed between my brother and a 
neighboring chieftain who wanted my family’s farms and 
ports.  Employing diplomacy over force, I negotiated a 
reasonable resolution which was agreed to by both parties. 
A feast was ordered by the Chieftain in celebration of the 
settlement.  Much food and drink was prepared along with 
overnight lodgings. 
   That night one of the Chieftain’s servants set fire to 
the longhouse next to our lodgings which was occupied by 
widows and children.  Alerted by the smoke and muffled 
yells, I awoke before the rest of my party and quickly 
entered the burning hall to help get everyone out.  I was 
badly burned in the process slowing my own escape but just 
emerging in time to see many of my kinsmen dying along with 
my brother by the hands of the chieftain and his guards who 
were lying in wait. 
   As the only surviving member of my family and of the 
negotiation party, I was held captive until the next Thing 
was held.  A corrupt lawspeaker who was involved in the 
Chieftain’s plot to take our property, found me guilty in 
my brother’s stead; wergild was taken in the form of all of 
my families’ land and assets at Mælar Lake and I was 
  I will return to Iceland as soon as my family honor is 
restored or as the gods see fit.  Until then I travel with 
my beloved Snotra applying my trades in this new land of 
these current Middle Ages.