Baron Þorkell Palsson            Goutte de Sang

Þorkell Palsson's SCA Awards - Offical Kingdom OP entry
Þorkell Palsson's SCA Resume
Þorkell Palsson's History
I was born a good day’s walk from Hafrsfjord, four summers
after King Harald laid waste to Eirik of Hordaland, Sulke of
Rogaland, and the rest of the petty men who called
themselves “king”.
I was the fifth child to be born to my parents. Soon after,
my mother divorced my father, Pall Donaldson. He stayed at
the family’s farm and my mother remarried and moved west. 
To where – I do not know, I was but a boy.  My father
remarried as well, to Sandey Riksdottir, a Swede. I stayed
on the farm until I was of age, then I went a viking to find
my fortune, as I was not going to inherit my father’s farm.
 I did well on these travels and was becoming a wealthy man. 

In my twenty-fourth, I met my future wife Gudrun while she
was traveling with her father, trading some of their fine
wool.  We had witness to the handsel at the Thing the
following year, and was married shortly after that.  We have
two children, Þora and Lili – both can be quite ferocious.  
Since our marriage, I do less raiding and more trading. The
farms are quite successful and our future feels secure.