Award of Arms AS 33, 1998 in Kingdom of Meridies
Blasted Tree AS 40, 2005 at Springfest in Barony of Wastekeep
Goutte de Sang AS 40, 2005 at Yule Feast in Barony of 
Baroness Favor, HE Rowena 2007
Silver Keep AS 43,2008 ,at Yule Feast in Barony of 
Sable Brush AS 46,2011,at Springfest in Barony of 
Baronial Ferret Thank you, June 2014 at Springfest for
Scribal work
Baroness Favor, October 2014, Baron`s Ball
Queen`s Forget-Me-Not, January 2015, 12th Night
King`s Favor, January 2015, 12th Night

in Meridies
Feastcrat- Black Gryphon-1998-in Barony of Thor`s Mountain 
Breakfast-crat 2-3 events-1998-99-Thor`s Mountain

Arrived in An Tir September 2003

Autocrat-Springfest-2004-Wastekeep in An Tir
Autocrat-Baron`s Ball-2005-Wastekeep in An Tir, first 3 day
Baron`s at Othello Fairgrounds
Autocrat-Rapier War 2-March 2006
Autocrat-Springfest-2005-Wastekeep in An Tir
Retinue for Baron and Baroness of Wastekeep May 2005-May 2007
Feastcrat/Autocrat-Yule Feast-2007-Wastekeep
Autocrat-Greenwood Faire- June 2008-Wastekeep
Autocrat Team-July Coronation-2008-Wastekeep
Autocrat-Kingdom A&S-April 2009-Wastekeep
May Crown Scribal Contests 2010-Wastekeep
Autocrat-Baron`s Ball-Oct. 2011-Wastekeep, introduced
dancing on Friday nights for our Baroness Stjarna

Chronicler- Wastekeep- May 2005-June 2007Wastekeep
Minister of Arts and Sciences-July 2007 to Oct. 2010
Chief Scribe July 2011 to May 2013
Archery Champion College of Lyonsmarch May 2012