Thorgrimr utlagr 
SCA Resume

•   Attended my first event in armor in the fall of 1989
•   Participated in nearly all RadCon, Ye Merrie Greenwood 
Fair, Boy Scouts, Multiple Elementary/Middle Schools, CBC, 
WSU, Public Library, Sons of Norway, and Private party 
Heavy Fighting Demos from 1990 until present
•   Performed service as Wastekeep Master of Stables (90s)
•   Lectured on multiple occasions at Badger Canyon 
Elementary School about the Middle Ages and Armor 
•   Assisted the populace & newcomers at Sir Daegar’s home 
while he hosted the Baronial Armory
•   Lectured at CBC on multiple occasions about Norse 
technology & culture 
•   Taught beginning leather tooling Ithra classes 
•   Opened my home & shop to the populace & newcomers for 
weekly A&S nights focused on armoring 
•   Prior to the creation of Family Activities Coordinator, 
brought activities to events & meetings for families with 
children to use
•   Built and maintained two full sets of personal loaner 
•   Assisted with the building and maintenance of the 
Baronial loaner armor 
•   Taught beginning Leather Tooling and Hands-On Chainmail 
classes at Science Fiction Conventions in the name of the 
Barony and SCA
•   Created the model and cast the first two years’ of the 
Links of Service Medallions for Their Excellencies Arthur & 
•   Performed service as a Baronial Guard 
•   Performed Baronial (non-Ithra) A&S Leather Tooling 
•   Youth Armored Combat Chivalry prizes & Largesse 
contributions ~continuous
•   Became a Senior Marshal 
•   Performed armoring guidance/instruction at the Open 
events & as needed
•   Performed service as the Baronial Chronicler (July 2014 
~ May 2016)
•	Performed service as the Baronial Chatelaine (July 
2016 ~ Current)
•	Performed service as the Baronial Master of Stables 
(Sept. 2016 ~ Current)

Co-Event Steward Wastekeep Springfest 2016
•	Found new location / park used for both Springfest 
and Baron’s Ball

Event Steward for multiple Demos and public service events 
including Sci-Fi Conventions and Education venues 

Awards Received:
Blasted Tree (Wastekeep) June 3, 2006 (AS XLI)
Chivalry Prize (Wastekeep/Akornebir) Springfest/Newcomers, 
June 3, 2006 (AS XLI)  
Award of Arms (An Tir) Oct 28, 2006 (AS XLI) *** (On or  
Grant of Arms (An Tir) Oct 3, 2015 (AS L)
Wastekeep Baronial A&S Champion Dec 12, 2015 (AS L)
Silver Keep (Wastekeep) Dec 12, 2015 (AS L)