Welcome to the Barony of Wastekeep

Order of Sergeantry
and Order of Courtier

Her Excellency Kathrine of Akornebir, Baroness of Wastekeep,
Sends greetings to all those who have expressed interest in becoming Sergeants, Yeomen, Gallants, Artisans or Stewards of Wastekeep.
The Crown of An Tir has, from its inception, allowed the landed baronesses to recognize as Sergeants, those armored fighters
who meet the requirements of the rank and are willing to serve and swear fealty to their baroness.
In recent years, this rank has expanded to include the Yeomen who specialize in missile combat,
the Gallants who show prowess in rapier combat,
the Artisans who show excellence in the Arts and Sciences and
the Stewards who show excellence in Service.
The testing for these ranks allows interested individuals to demonstrate proficiency in the knightly arts
as well as to strive to exemplify the chivalry and service that is the ideal of our Society.

Candidates must petition the Baroness for permission to participate in their trials and must prepare to participate in a day of testing,
the format of which will include performance, written and oral testing.
Candidates are encouraged to seek out Members of these Orders for assistance in preparing for the testing.
The Baron and I will also be happy to answer any questions that you may have. Good luck to you all!

Members of Wastekeeps Order of Sergeantry/Courtier

To learn more about the Order of the Sergeantry and the Order of the Courtier:
Introduction to Sergeants ~ includes a brief history, steps to apply to Sergeants and some basic information about the Trials.
Obligations and Rights for members of the Order of Sergeantry and Order of Courtier.

Requirements for members of the Order of Sergeantry and Order of Courtier.

    Sergeant Study Guide (.zip file)

    Yeoman Study Guide (.zip file)

    Gallant Study Guide (.zip file)

    Lancer Checklist/Study Guide

    Steward Study Guide (.zip file)

    Artisan Study Guide (.zip file)

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