Welcome to the Barony of Wastekeep

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The Barony of Wastekeep web site easy reference page!.

Welcome to the Barony of Wastekeep
For a little bit of info about the SCA in general.
Introductory guide to the SCA.

Our Baron and Baroness
The Land of the Barony of Wastekeep are held for the
King and Queen of Antir by our Noble Baron and Baroness.
You are invited to get to know them.

Baronial Calendar
Our Baronial Calendar list the activities and events for the Barony,
Canton of Akornibir and Shire of Azurekeep. On-line baronial members
may create calendar entries. Only the calendar entry creater and
Calendar Administrator can edit or delete a Calendar entry.
One additional feature of the Calendar is the ability to automatically
send email notifications to the Wastekeep Email Group
(wastekeep@yahoogroups.com) of new or changed Calendar entrys.

Baronial Officers
This is a listing of the Officers of Wastekeep with their contact information.

Citizens of Wastekeep
This is a listing of the On-line Citizens of Wastekeep

Champions of Wastekeep
Our current Champions of Heavy Combat,
Rapier and Arts & Sciences

List of the Great Champions of the Past!
Heavy Combat.
Rapier Combat (Captian of the Blasted Musketers.
Arts and Sciences.

Scriptorium (Documents)
This is a listing of downloadable documents related to the
Barony of Wastekeep or Kingdom of AnTir.
NOTE: Some download are available only to Wastekeep
Online Citizens.

Order of Sergeantry &
Order of Courtier

The Order of Sergeantry consists of three martial arts:
Sergeants, Yeoman and Gallants.
The Order of Courtier consist of Artisans and Stewards.
Sergeants and Courtiers of Wastekeep

To learn more about the Order of the Sergeantry and the Order of the Courtier:
Introduction to Sergeants ~ includes a brief history, steps to apply to Sergeants and some basic information about the Trials.
Obligations and Rights for members of the Order of Sergeantry and Order of Courtier.
General Requirements ~ for both the fighting and non-fighting orders.
    1.  Petition
    2.  Persona
    3.  Heraldry
    4.  Geography
    5.  Chivalry, Courtesy and Etiquette
    6.  Gaming
    7.  Dancing
    8.  Bardic Presentation
    9.  The Science of War
Specific Requirements for Sergeants and Courtiers

Complete Downloadable copies of the Sergeants/Courtier Requirements or the Study Packet

Rogues Galley
Photos of Baronial activities and the populace of Wastekeep.

Baronial Awards
Members of the orders and descriptions for Baronial Awards of Wastekeep

Links of Interest
Links to other website with SCA or Medieval related topics.

List of Miscellanious Topics.

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Site Map

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