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The Barony of Wastekeep is the branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.,
located in the Tri-cities (Richland, Kennewick and Pasco) Washington.

The Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., is a group dedicated to researching
and recreating the Middle Ages in the present.

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The Barony of Wastekeep is located in the Kingdom of An Tir (Irish translation: Our Land),
in the area formerly known as the Inland Region.

Wastekeep's Chatelaine Page (Newcomer's Liaison).

The Shire of Wastekeep was first formed in 1979 (Anno Societatis 14).
Wastekeep was elevated to the status of Barony in 1982 (Anno Societatis 17).

Wastekeep's territory includes the Canton of Akornebir located in Walla Walla, Washington.
In addition, we have claimed any 993xx zip codes within Benton, Franklin and Walla Walla counties and,
through previous negotiations, we include Grandview, which is in Yakima county.

As a Barony, we have many event and activities.   To find out what's going on, consult our calendar

The Barony of Wastekeep is ruled by our Baron and Baroness who act on the King's authority and hold the lands in their stead.
Their Excellencies are most pleased to grant Baronial Awards to worthy members of the populous
and to challenge those would would apply to become one of Wastekeep's Sergeants.

Canton Council Meeting First Wednesday @ 6:00
Baronial Council Meeting Second Thursday @ 6:00 PM
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